BP – High School 3 – Personal Success




How do you define success?


Everyone defines success in different ways. Your own personal success is what makes you and your achievements unique. You may define your success as working hard to get the best grades you can achieve. Success may be getting into your top choice college/university, or possibly signing to play a sport at the school of your choice. You may define it as leading a club, editing the school newspaper, or even being student body president. It could be making it on to the sports or even academic (science, debate, ect.) team. It might even be something like living each day to fullest.


You need to evaluate how you view success.


What does success mean to you? What do you want to get out of your next year? These are questions that you must ask yourself when deciding what drives you.


Success for me is: _________________________________



What do I want out of the next year:







After all, your success is your own. No one can make the decisions for you!