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    Middle School

    Start with your skills

    We believe that learning actual success skills should start early. Reinforcement is critical for learned behaviors to become permanent, as well as navigating a rough social scene.

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    High School

    — Lift up your skills.

    Successfully navigating your education is difficult with the rigors that are placed on students today. We have tips and techniques to make everything that comes with high school easier.

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    — Success is not far.

    Success skills are critical for this age, as students are usually on their own for the first time and will need to learn how to prepare for the “real world” that comes next.

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    — Find your passion.

    Coming soon! We will bring tips and tricks to help get you in the game.

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  • Why We Do This

    We’ve been there and we know what should be added to curriculums. We know what teens, even adults, have not been taught about success. As we have coached and trained students, we kept seeing the same problems, same concerns and same lack of confidence showing up again and again. Most teachers are doing a fabulous job teaching their subjects, but with so much “test pressure”, success skills are never discussed. We hope to change that! Our goal is to make every teen more successful and confident and do it for an amazing low price! Join us today!

  • Some Facts

    • Goal-setting gives teens a positive focus that will encourage them to make better decisions
    • Teens who practice good time management have less stress and also have more balance and success in other areas of their lives
    • 85% of the world’s population is affected by low self esteem.
    • Academic factors account for 68% of success in college, the rest are success skills
    • Low perceived parental pressure is found to be associated with higher enjoyment of a sports season by young athletes
  • What Clients Say

Why is Success Skills Weekly so awesome?

We were fortunate to have been taught the success skills that have allowed us to navigate a world that demands more and more and yet has not created a blueprint to help students succeed. We are passionate about helping students reduce stress, gain confidence, and feel in control.

  • Great Exercises

    • Weekly short exercises for students
    • Exercises created to support them and make them think
    • Conference calls where they can ask questions
    • Recorded calls allow your student to listen when their schedule allows
  • Support

    • Weekly conference calls for students
    • Monthly calls with middle and high school parents to review exercises
    • Conference calls recorded so you can listen when it fits into your schedule or listen to again
  • A Student Voice

    Got to admit when Mom told me about this, i just shook my head. I have to admit the first month, I did them but didn’t care. But then, they started creeping into some of my thoughts and now I look forward to each week. I feel in more control and that is a success for me!

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