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    Success Skills Weekly is dedicated to assisting teens in a variety of learning skills that help them establish themselves better in every phase of life. School is based around education from books and basic knowledge but it overlooks essential life and success skills. Teachers and parents are doing their best to develop strong educated students, but in an overly stressed and fast paced world, some lessons get left behind. Success Skills Weekly completes those lessons and skills for you, making all students reach higher to achieve their best potential.

    From confidence building to time management, conflict management, studying and learning skills, leadership qualities and so much more, we develop teens to not only embrace each moment, but also to learn from them and excel. These are skills that stay with you each and every day and assist you in all aspects of life. Every student should have the chance to learn these skills!

    We make sure to provide this success training in an efficient and influential manner. We offer many opportunities for students to reach out and for parents to understand how to best guide their teens. We want these skills to become habits that last and help them create an individual and successful life!

    The idea of providing success skills along with “book education” was something we have been implementing before starting this business. Rachel and Jamie started learning similar skills from a variety of sources (including the Leadership Institute of Greater Kansas City which was founded by Kenna) starting in middle school. Both Rachel and Jamie attribute a lot of who they are and what they have achieved to learning these skills in conjunction with the school’s curriculum. For example, Jamie, who has a reading disability and ADHD, is managing to graduate college with a GPA of 3.7, is in the top 3% of his grade, and stopped all his medications by his sophomore year in college. Rachel managed to graduate college in 3 ½ years, was President of her sorority, started her first business, and wrote a book by the age of 26.

    We both think these skills played a very large part in our success and want to bring these skills as well as others to more students. We believe that all teens have this potential – it just needs to be taught and reinforced. Therefore, we have teamed up to form Success Skills Weekly and bring you the skills that are no longer being taught in the classroom. We have created weekly exercises that are 5-15 minutes in length that help impart and reinforce different skills. We want to see students achieve personal success and develop their full potential!

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Our Core Values

    • Success Skills

      We focus on everything that can be used to create more successful students and individuals from goal setting and time management to conflict resolution.

    • Confidence

      Confidence building is one of the most crucial skills in our curriculum. We want students to not only be more confident in themselves, but to take more risks and stand up to peer pressure.

    • Leadership

      Leadership is the backbone of our curriculum. We want our students to be able to take charge and to work well with others. We will focus on skills such as conflict management and entrepreneurship as well.

    • Focus on Manners

      Our exercises want to instill good manners and school and life etiquette for all students. Knowing the proper way to act in situations is definitely in the recipe for success.

    • Challenge the Status Quo

      Our curriculum wants you to challenge yourself and teach you the skills that aren’t being taught in the current educational system.

    • Strive for Excellence

      What better way to reach for success than to strive for excellence? That belief is what anchors our curriculum.

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