SP – High School 1 – Talk to your teachers




Talking to your teachers can make all of high school easier because teachers appreciate you making the effort to get to know them. Visit with each of your teachers once each week(or every other week) and talk to them about class or questions you may have or even get to know them on a more personal level (e.g. ask about kids, interests).

Your teachers are the ones who ultimately decide your grade, and you will eventually want them to write recommendation letters for colleges. The earlier and the more you chat with each teacher means a better probability for a fantastic rec letter as they know you better than other students.

For the more shy students out there, print this page and use the remaining space on the page to brainstorm conversation starters or topics that you are interested in discussing with your teachers.

Learning this skill will not only help you achieve more success in high school, but will also help you with professors and ultimately bosses.

So take a deep breath, figure out your teachers office hours and go in and get to know them!

SP - High School - Talk to Your Teachers