SP – Middle School 1-Your Work Space




Having a designated workspace can help increase your productivity when it comes to getting your homework done. It can help you stay organized and people are generally happier and more efficient when they have a space just for homework. The space you choose to do your homework can affect the quality of your work and your ability to manage your time. This exercise is for you to choose where you will do your homework each day and the best things to have at your space to keep it organized and always ready to use!

First, choose a location that is quiet, comfortable and away from distractions. It could be a desk in your bedroom, a table in the basement, or anywhere in your house.

Once you have your location, make sure your space is organized to your liking. Things you may want to keep in your space are a computer with access to a printer, reference books like a dictionary and thesaurus or even a grammar and punctuation guide, a trash can, some sort of storage (having a folder for each class to put notes and tests in), and a clock. Make sure you also keep supplies like paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, a ruler, and anything else you use for school at your space as well.

You can also personalize your space by adding photos, posters, quotes, stickers or whatever suits your fancy. You want the space to reflect your personality since you will probably be spending a fair amount of time in it!



Middle School Welcome & Exercise 1 - Your Space