Preparing Teens To Dream Bigger And Achieve More This Year!

A New Year brings new beginnings, fresh starts, and many New Year’s resolutions. People choose this time to set new goals and plans for the next year. With the time of New Year’s resolutions upon us, I encourage you to reflect on the past, the present, and to prepare for a bigger and brighter future.

Unfortunately, most New Year’s resolutions fail due to the lack of planning and turning them into actions. Habits are hard to change, especially without a plan, reinforcement, and someone to talk with regarding the changes.

Helping Teens Attain Their Resolutions and Goals
Success Skills Weekly works with teens to assist them in transforming their ability to attain their resolutions and goals. We keep them motivated with weekly exercises so resolutions don’t fail within a month or two. We want to set students up to achieve long term success beyond just their resolutions.

Tips To Get Your Teen Started:
Here are some quick tips we put together to get you or your teen started:

1. Pick a resolution that means something to you.
Don’t just choose something for the sake of having one. Choose something that will fit with your values and definitions of success rather than something someone else may tell you. The more meaningful the resolution is to you, the more likely you will be able to really stick to it.

2.    Be very specific when you make your goal.
It needs to be measurable and attainable. Set times for your goal, for example, instead of saying that you want to get better grades, say that you will study at 5:30 for two hours each day. Write it in a way that will help you create a plan for achieving your goal.

New Year brings new beginnings, fresh starts, and many New Year’s resolutions. People choose this time to set 3.    Once you have your specific resolution, create a plan in smaller steps that will help you attain it. Smaller steps seem less daunting and also inspire a feeling of confidence in yourself once they are completed.

4.    Be prepared to change your habits.
While working on your resolution, you may find that you need to change how you do things, especially if you have habits that will sabotage your goal. Evaluate your life and find habits that may cause your resolution to fail. You can then actively work to change those habits and instill new ones to keep your resolution going.

5.    Tell someone who will hold you accountable to your goal.
Choose someone who will help support you throughout working toward your resolution and not someone who will naysay or tear you down.

Helping Teens Be Successful Throughout Their Lives
We want you to dream bigger and achieve more this year, and Success Skills Weekly will be there to support you every step of the way. Help your teens choose resolutions that will become habits they need, not just for the upcoming year, but ones that will help them be successful throughout their lives.

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