The Importance of Confidence in Teens

10658135_sWith the onset of a new year, teens should take time to focus on themselves. Teens are in the most transitive part of their lives and trying to discover who they really are. One of the toughest parts of this difficult time is to have confidence in yourself and your capabilities as well as the belief that you can achieve what you set out to accomplish. As Marcus Garvey says, “With confidence, you have won before you started.”

Why is Confidence in Teens Important?
While it is generally accepted that having confidence is necessary, why is it specifically important for teens? As stated above, teens are always in transition. They are changing from middle school to high school and then from high school to college. They have to make adaptive changes not only in learning who they are but also at home, school and in their social lives. Handling all of the changes of adolescence into adulthood can be quite difficult, but confidence can make the period easier for teens to handle. Below are some aspects that relate to confidence and how they can affect a teenager’s life in the future.

Facing Difficult Challenges
The teen years are all about conquering feats and tackling difficult situations. Strength and resilience become important when it comes to facing challenges. Teenagers need to have enough 9342863_smental strength to convince themselves of being capable of overcoming obstacles in life. When they are not confident, they lack self-esteem and mentally deem themselves weak and incapable which can impact them later in life as well.

Making Decisions
Having confidence helps you to make sound and well thought out decisions and then to follow through on those decisions. For teenagers to make good, safe, and well informed decisions, they need to be confident enough to avoid things and people that are negative for them. Without confidence, they won’t speak up or may succumb to peer pressure.

Confidence Breeds Positivity
Positivity has been shown to lead to more success and happier people. One of the biggest pieces of positivity is having confidence in yourself. For teens, this is even more necessary. Teens are constantly facing new people, places, and ideas, and that can be scary. Facing those fears in a curious manner will help teens build their own confidence rather than feeling paralyzed by all of the new experiences headed their way.

These are only a few of the many advantages of being confident as a teenager. It shapes the person they are currently and the person they will be in the future.

Helping Teens Be Successful Throughout Their Lives
We know just how important confidence is, which is why we have incorporated it into our curriculum. We want teens to dream bigger and achieve more this year, and Success Skills Weekly will be there to support teens every step of the way.

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