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  • Why should I do this?

    Each course teaches skills that are being left out of normal school curriculums. We focus on skills such as time management, goal setting, conflict resolution, etiquette, confidence building, risk taking and so much more.

    Why are the calls important?

    The calls are important because they allow the students and parents to ask questions and get feedback about their weekly exercise. We want everyone to get as much out of these exercises as they can and sometimes a little extra explanation or individual attention can make all the difference.

    What should I expect as a parent?

    Parents have found many different responses from their children. Some have embraced the skills and did everything asked in the exercises and podcast.

    Others took more time and we have had a few that refused to do them. Take time with your student and go through the exercise with them. However, don’t criticize their answers or sit with them for the entire exercise (you want them to do the exercises on their own to get the most out of them). Most students may be unsure how to react and will need time to get into the habit of doing these skills.

    We have found, that almost all students enjoy the exercises over time. Patience and support are the best gifts you can give them.

    Can I upgrade or downgrade my choice?

    You can upgrade or downgrade your choice once you have purchased. Please let us know and we will get it taken care of for you.

  • Ask Our Support

    We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us here.

Will this really help college students?

The curriculum for college students is designed specifically for issues that they will face. We had current college students demo the program and all of them found the exercises helpful.

What if I want to gift this to a relative or friend?

We would love for you to send this as a gift! Please call us at 1-877-872-5019 and we will get if taken care of for you.

What if I would like to sponsor a class or school?

If you are serious about sponsoring a class or school, please contact us directly.

Do you have any other languages besides English?

We do not currently have any other languages besides English, but it is something we are working toward in the future.

Are you going to do this for adults?

We are so excited that people are asking for a program for adults! Right now, we are working on getting the athlete curriculum finished, but a course for adults is something we would love to explore in the future.