SP – College 1 – Talk to Your Professors




College is quite different from high school. You won’t see your professors every day and even then they may not be able to stay late to answer questions. Professors, especially those teaching larger and introductory courses, won’t take time to know all of their students. They want you to make that effort. Learn your professors’ office hours and make appointments or just drop in to say hello. Getting to know your professors can impact your grade and help you get recommendation letters. Don’t be afraid to sit in the front of the class and just visit your teachers. It will definitely help.

Your professors are the ones who ultimately decide your grade, and you may eventually want them to write recommendation letters for graduate programs, teaching assistants and even employers. The earlier and the more you chat with each professor means a better probability for a fantastic rec letter as they know you better than other students.  These professors can be great mentors and may be relationships your will treasure for years.

For the more shy students out there, print this page and use the remaining space on the page to brainstorm conversation starters or topics that you are interested in discussing with your professors.

Learning this skill will not only help you achieve more success in college, but will also help you employers, bosses and even running your own business someday!

So take a deep breath, figure out your professors office hours and go in and get to know them!

Talk to Your Professors