SP – Middle School 2 – Themes



Now is the time to set the direction for the coming year. Start by declaring a theme that will help guide your choices, actions, and decision.

For example, you might choose to set a theme for “Great Grades”, if you want to concentrate on your studies since this may be the first time you have had multiple teachers.

You might choose “New Experiences”, to push you out of your comfort zone and try new things: a group/club, a new sports team/teams, volunteering, ect.

You might want to choose “Friendship” to find new friends, find people who have different life experiences than yourself, or branch outside your normal group. You may especially want to focus on friendship if you have recently changed schools for middle school.

These are just a few ideas – use these or choose your own.

Choosing a theme that means something to you and is something that you can focus on throughout the year can be incredibly beneficial. When you make decisions about whether or not to do something over the course of the year, you can ask yourself:

“Is this in line with my theme for the year?”. If it is, it will propel you forward toward your overall goal, and if it isn’t – then evaluate it to see if it is worthy to pursue using your time and energy.

My Theme for the Year: _________________________________