SP – Middle School 4 – Large Goals



Last week you determined what success looks like for you, its time to work on goals to achieve your success.

Goals are an extremely powerful tool everyone can use to develop purpose, passion, and direction. They are the driving force behind all achievement, and success is dependent upon goals. 80% of successful people are completely focused on accomplishing a single goal, and they are 67% more likely to achieve that goal if they write it down. Many successful people comment of the importance of goal setting. This week we will come up with some big goals for the year and then next week we will break them down into smaller goals.

Big goal setting:

A big goal is something that would typically take six months to a year to achieve, so ideally choose only one or two big goals a year. For example, you may want to focus on making new friends, stepping outside your comfort zone, getting all A’s, starting a new club, ect. These goals can be anything that you want to focus on this year. Write your two big goals here: