Summer Programs

Summer is fast approaching and though it is time for a well deserved break, we also know that it is a time to excel and grow. That is why we are offering summer programs that allows your teen to not only learn and develop critical success skills but receive 15 hours of leadership certification to add to their college or work resume. Believe us when we say, this is a plus for college interviews and applications but also strongly looked at by businesses looking for summer interns or new employees.

Success Skills Weekly believes that leadership development is a process that extends over many years. The realities of school and future careers require that training should occur early in a teen’s life. Studies have shown that we have not paid enough attention to training students in key leadership skills. Teens need to become productive and contributing individuals who can be effective and proactive in determining the course of tomorrow’s world.

Success Skills Weekly in collaboration with the Leadership Institute of Kansas City has designed a summer leadership intensive that will deliver leadership knowledge and skills to your high school or college student. They will learn skills that can be used in academics, team sports, extracurricular activities, finding jobs, getting ready for college, advancing through high school and college, apprenticeships, resumes, interviewing, finances, and future business ventures.

Each summer program will give your student access to three months of weekly success skills, podcasts and calls to learn crucial skills and ask questions.
Each program will also have 6 webinars, 2 hours each that will cover the following topics:

Communication – It is an art and a science
Effective communication is an essential skill in today’s fast-paced world. Though texting and other social media venues are great, teens need to learn how to communicate effectively for their professional and personal development.

Time Management – Want to be wealthy? Learn how to use your time effectively
Students will also learn that effective time management is essential to success. They will learn why time management is important, what time wasters are and how to conquer them, learn timesaving tips and methods for effective time management,

Conflict Resolution – Skills for the class room to the board room
To increase well-being and success, teens must lay the foundation for dealing with and working through conflict. Teens have conflicts with friends, family, teammates, teachers and employers and need to learn the essential knowledge about causes of conflict, types of difficult people, and strategies for preventing and managing conflict.

Goal Setting – The foundation to the success your want
This class will have your student learning the difference between dreams and well-stated goals to ensure their success. They will learn to plan and tactically execute goal processes in measurable, action-oriented terms. They will learn to identify their personal motivation for goal achievement.

Key Moments – Emotional Intelligence Starts now
Students will learn how to conquer and transcend the challenges of life by changing their thinking, feelings and behavior. They will learn how to respond to challenging or upsetting events and learn positive behaviors and feelings during these moments. They will explore the consequences of their behaviors and learn a method for changing weakening beliefs into empowering beliefs.

Positive Impact – How being positive impacts more than you think
This class will show your student the importance of a positive attitude on their life, personal enjoyment, work success, school success, and even their health. People and employers want to be around people who are positive.

Webinars will be recorded so they can catch up if they miss a session.

After summer completion, they will receive a certificate from the Leadership Institute of Greater Kansas City and can add 15 hours of leadership skills training to their resumes.

Here are what some of our participants have said about the classes:

• “I followed the Four-Column Technique and was able to do something I had been terrified to do. I am so proud of myself”.
• “I learned how to keep my composure and how not to give away my power”
• “It was an excellent topic and this is absolutely very important for high school students. I hope we have a permanent form of this education here.”
• “I learned a lot of helpful strategies that aided me in understanding certain obstacles in my life”. ”
• “I learned how to stand out from the crowd”.

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