What Our Clients Say About Us

Our parents and students are awesome!

  • Thank you so much for letting us be apart of your trial. Wow, just WOW! It is making a difference with all three of my kids (some faster than others, but that was not a surprise). I am with you forever! How about one for adults?

    Mrs J. DavisParent
  • Got to admit when Mom told me about this, i just shook my head. I have to admit the first month, I did them but didn’t care. But then, they started creeping into some of my thoughts and now I look forward to each week. I feel in more control and that is a success for me!


  • Your passion for helping others is obvious in this program. I have learned so much and am happy for the guidance you provide me to assist my teens. Thank you!

    Frank PParent
  • It wasn’t until I started doing the exercises that I realized that I really didn’t know basic skills to be successful.

    I am using these skills in my classes, sorority, and am feeling more confident about taking on a leadership roll.

    I look forward to see each weeks exercise .

    Katie R.College Student
  • I thought this was going to be stupid but this is awesome! Still scared about high school but I feel like I have help steering me in the right direction. Thanks for the help!

    Sarah P.Middle School Student

Interesting Facts About Our Clients

  • 96

    96% of our students stay with us

  • 35

    35% use Pandora

  • 83

    83% say pizza is their go to food